Activity 1


This was the first meeting held by Nasr Sapce club. The old members and the belt joined members had assembled and an air of enthusiasm prevailed. First, the office bearers were elected. Pranitha Goel was elected as the President and Anushri Uttarwar was elected as the Vice President. The members were shown a very interesting power point presentation on the evolution of space and the Cosmic Calender. Experiments based on centre of gravity were shown clearly and the concept was explained. They were briefed about the escape velocity too. Lastly, the members were enlightened and amazed by some Astonishing Facts about space which were presented by some girls. The meeting ended with the girls' excited faces and it was a great success!


Activity 2


The second meeting started off with a presentation on how the GSLV is made and launched.Every week there was information put up on the notice board by the members about the various topics such as Tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam,The First and the Foremost and Rocket Launching one class after the other.The members were given a crossword puzzle to be solved for which there were given 15 minutes.There was a demonstration of a Rocket Experiment by the 12th graders.The meeting ended after discussing the activities that could be done in the coming weeks.


Activity 3


Activity 4