Activity 1


Changed Perspective of Life

6th July 2013 a day that gave each and every Nasrite of class 11 a new and different experience. Entering the gates of the Missionaries of Charity, Musheerabad nobody had ever thought that this would be the day which would stun, surprise and make us experience the emotions of happiness and sadness simultaneously.

When we initially started from the school, everybody gathered with a mindset of just completing the SUPW community work and head back home. Nobody had ever thought that they would experience something as heart touching and wrenching as this.

The Missionaries of Charity is a home for the sick and dying destitute. It accommodates 40 male patients and 61 female patients. There are 6 considerate sisters to take care and a 5 member staff for maintenance. As we entered the gates of the Charity we received an overwhelming reaction from the inmates of the home. There were tears of happiness in the eyes of few of them which made us feel good. But at the same time their suffering made us sad. The purpose of our visit to this institution was to bring happiness. We danced, sang songs , interacted, played and spent time with the wonderful people of the trust. There were a few schoolmates who could not hold back their emotions and did shed tears. But they did not do it in front of them as our girls were there with a mission- TO SPREAD HAPPINESS AND NOT GRIEF.