Nasr Dramatic Society

The Dramatic Society of Nasr School, Khairatabad staged an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play – The Merchant of Venice on 25th November at the Nasr Boys School Gachibowli.

The play is about a rich merchant Antonio, whose affection for his close friend Bassanio, compels him to sign a bond with his enemy Shylock, wherein, if he doesn’t return three thousand ducats within three months, he will have to forfeit a pound of flesh to Shylock. On the other hand, Portia, the heiress of Belmont waits for Bassanio, to choose the right casket and marry her. The play explores a complex web of emotions- love, mercy, comedy, fate and prejudice.

The play was chosen mainly to introduce the school going children to the works of Shakespeare, it was directed by Mr. Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed and Mrs. Fiona Harold and the cast included 59 members.

The non-performing members of the Drama Society handled the script writing, light, sound, costume and backstage departments.

The play enthralled the audience and some of the dignitaries present could not believe that these actors were children between the ages of 13 to 17, their performance was par excellence which was given a standing ovation. 

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