An Unforgettable Trip to NASA

On 28th April 2018, a team of 16 students, 9 girls from Nasr School, Khairatabad and 7 boys from Nasr Boys School along with Mr. Mir Mohiuddin Mohammed, Principal,      Nasr School, the Educational Excursionist Dr Kunal Pathak and Mrs Puneeta Singh, Teacher Nasr School boarded the flight to Huntsville Alabama USA to be a part of the space camp at the US Space and Rocket Centre.

At the Huntsville camp all the educational concepts towards space and aeronautics were covered in brief. The five day camp gave an in-depth exposure to the space program through use of simulators, lectures and training exercises. It taught our students many hand on experiences of landing the space shuttle on the moon, the Mars expedition along with a crisp value of discipline and time management. The team, built rockets and could launch them ably supported by NASA Team leaders.

Building their team identity, Team Ganymede did us proud by regularly attending, learning and absorbing new concepts and were rewarded formally in their Space suits at a formal NASA Graduation ceremony.

Post the camp, we spent 3 days visiting Orlando. The children enjoyed themselves at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios and Florida shopping mall.

Exhausted, yet elated we returned home safely on 9th of May, 2018.



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