Singapore - Bintan Trip

The Singapore Bintan program was a 7 day educational trip which allowed the children to experience a journey through immersing in  the South East Asian culture and indulging in various unique activities.

Three days were spent in Singapore to let the children learn about sustainable development through field trips and mentor led seminars at the National University of Singapore . At the Singapore zoo , they were taken behind the scenes to experience nature.
Four days at Bintan were reserved for enhancing their understanding of renewable energy via an eco tour of a solar resort , a project of a safe water garden for a local family  and developing their physical strength through physical challenges like boom net , sky walk etc.
The aim of the above program was to build the confidence of the children through physical activities and help them to do many mental tasks too . They finally learnt that inspite of being a small country Singapore has developed drastically due to conservation of their natural resources effectively .

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