Greece - All time Classic

Seven students and three teachers went to Greece during the summer holidays for ten days. We took off early in the morning from Hyderabad to Athens via Abu Dhabi.


From the Athens airport we went to a town called Glyfada where we had lunch in an Indian restaurant. We arrived at the hotel and rested for a while. Once we got our energies back we went down Poseidon's Avenue which lead to the calmest beach we've ever seen. From the beach we went to the nearby church which was off white with the most charming stain glass paintings. We walked around the town with our guide. We went back to the hotel for dinner where they served us the Greek delicacy, spinach and cheese pie. The next day we woke up early to board a ferry to Santorini. The ride was six hours long. Santorini is considered one of the most beautiful places in Greece and the world. We reached at dusk from where we had a guide take us to the hotel. The next day we got on a boat named Alkyon to visit the nearby volcanic island. We climbed to the top of the active volcano. We saw fumes coming out of one of the active craters of the volcano. After climbing aboard the boat again we visited the hot springs of the volcanic island. After that we were dropped off again at the base of the hill on which the town of Santorini is located. We climbed all the way to top of the hill. The view was absolutely breathtaking. We could see the white and blue buildings of Santorini. It looked like it was straight out of a photograph. We walked through the cobble stoned streets visiting the shops on the way. We reached the sunset point.


The next day we went back to Athens. From Athens we went to Epidavros .It is the place where one of the largest amphitheatres of Greece is located. It was built in such a way that even the heavy breathing of the actors could be heard all the way to the top without the use of sound systems. From Epidavros we continued to Olympia where the first ever Olympic games took place. We saw the temple of Zeus, the king of the gods and his wife Hera. We visited the archaeological site museum. We stayed for a night in Olympia. The next day we went to Delphi the sacred land of Lord Apollo, the god of the sun, music and archery. We visited his temple and the place of the oracle. We stayed a night in Delphi. Then we went back to Athens. We visited one of the most famous place in the world and sacred to the Greeks- The Parthenon. A massive temple dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare. There was once a statue of her in the temple made of wood ,gold and ivory. She was holding the goddess of victory- Nike.


We also visited the Parliament House. The architecture of the entire place is amazing. We spent two nights in Athens. We did sightseeing in the mornings and went around the towns at night. The people there are extremely nice. The city is very clean and there is hardly any traffic anywhere. The houses there are simple and modern. They have low gates since the crime rate is low. Overall the country is beautiful.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that Greece is worth a second visit .The country with its rolling green hills and the clear blue seas with its white sands made it really difficult for us to leave. Its a country where everything is beautiful from the place to the people. With its magnificent blend of history and mythology is amazing.



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