All the aspiring office bearers were called to the high school assembly hall at different times to answer a questionnaire, it was an open house and anyone who felt they could do justice to the post was welcome.

Different questionnaires were prepared for the various posts.

The candidates interested to be nominated for the post of school captain were assessed even on their speaking skills i.e. extempore speaking.

After the preliminary round was completed a panel consisting of Our Principal Mr. Mir Mohiuddin Mohammad, the vice principal Mrs. Shobha Jaishankar, ISC Headmistress Mrs. Usha Dham, Mrs Nirmal Gandhi and Mrs. Fiona Harold scrutinized the questionnaires and short listed the candidates. For the selection of the house captains, the house teachers were also a part of the panel.

Our Principal Mr. Mir Mohiuddin Mohammad announced the names of the candidates who had been nominated for the various posts and also the rules that had to be followed while campaigning.

Moving ahead with technology we had electronic voting this year. Each house had their election on the day of their house meeting, the school captain and sports captain had their election of the 2nd of July. The votes were tabulated by Mr. Nizammuddin and handed over to the Principal.

The Prefects were elected on the bases of the questionnaire and the approval given by the present class teacher and the various teachers teaching the candidate.

On the 3rd of July the results of the elections were declared by the Principal during the assembly.







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