The inter-class chart competition was held on 11th of July, 2018. There were four judging categories. Group A was from class I to IV, Group B was from class V to VII, Group C was from class VIII to class X and Group D was class XI and class XII. The judges were our primary section headmistress, Mrs. Jyotishree, ISC Headmistress, Mrs. Usha Dham, Vice –Principal, Mrs. Shobha Jaishankar, Principal Mr. Mir Mohiuddin Mohammad and Mrs. Anita Garimella.
The Nasr campus was a hub of innovative thinking with the class themes ranging from Art Movements, Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci, Indian National Army, to name a few.
The girls had put on their thinking caps to convert their lifeless, bland walls into something colourful and unbelievable! The competition came to an end, with winners rejoicing their hardwork and the others getting motivated to win it, next year!
The Winners:
Category A (I-IV):
1st Prize           : I C
2nd Prize : III A
3rd Prize : III C
Consolation       : IV G
Category B (V – VIII):
1st Prize          : VIII D
2nd Prize         : VII B
3rd Prize          : VII A
Consolation     : V G
                          VII C
                          VIII C
Category C (IX -X):
1st Prize : IX D
2nd Prize : X D
3rd Prize        : IX H
                        X C
Category D (XI – XII):
1st Prize : XI A
2nd Prize : XI C
3rd Prize        : XI B

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