On the 13th of July, 2018, a group of 21 students from Nasr Girls School set forth to attend our very first Model United Nations at Chirec International School, Kondapur. Being first timers, we were all naturally very intimidated by the prospect of representing an entire country at the organs of the UN but I am proud to say that we pulled it off with style. We had been assigned countries in the World Humanitarian Summit, the Human Rights Council and the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Each committee had its own agenda that pertained to a specific problem whose solution was to be devised by the student delegates of the member nations. Each student represented a particular country and while we were there, we had to put our personal beliefs and opinions aside and speak in a manner that was in harmony with the laws and foreign policies of our assigned nations.

During the committee sessions, which were very formal, we debated, defended our countries, attacked the other nations but most importantly, stayed diplomatic, no matter what happened. The event lasted for three days and we all enjoyed it immensely. It was an enriching experience that gave us an opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and try our hand at something completely new to us. It aided us in overcoming our fear of public speaking and taught us the importance of diplomacy, research and foreign relations.

Surbhi K. of class XII was honoured with a special mention and Aishwarya Naidu of class IX was given a verbal mention.


K P Aishwarya Naidu IXD



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