Celebrating Symphonic Freedom

There was an air of excitement and anxiety as all the participants of the Inter-House Patriotic Singing Competition huddled together in their groups to wish each other luck on the morning of 9th August, 2018. Esteemed and reputed singers Ms. Parijatha Bardipur and Mrs. P. Thabitha Kumari were invited to judge this competition and grace the occasion. The show began with Ruby House and was followed by the other four Houses. The renditions left the audience and judges spellbound and the melody of the accompanying instruments captivated everyone’s hearts. The colourful handmade props and the brightly sequined yet subtle outfits of the participants stole the limelight. The most interesting part was when the judges were requested to sing a few lines of a song and they enthusiastically entertained us all with a few songs! It was then time for the most awaited part of the Competition-the results. The Amethyst House was adjudged First, followed by the Ruby and Sapphire house bagging the second and third places respectively. The program concluded with the National Anthem and both the judges praising the melodious and graceful voices of the participants.


Tanvi Varigala, XB


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