On the 10th of July, to celebrate the Van Mahotsav week, the NDS members of classes 11th and 12th performed a musical skit, ‘Hope for the Earth’ to show the importance of trees and nature. The play exhibited a distressed Amla and her friends who were worried about the rapid increase in the pollution around them. They meet a tree who enlightens them on ways they could save the Earth by taking them on a trip to different lands. Amla and her friends go to the ‘Land of Bare Necessities’ where they meet the 'Waste Not Want Not' people. Then, they head to the 'Last Lands of Nature' where they talk to the Rainforests. After the trip, Amla and her friends realize the carelessness of humans and how they still have time to save their beloved Mother Earth. The act ended on a melodious note as all the actors came together and sung the Garden song.


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