The spirit of Christmas is best celebrated when people come together and enjoy. Surrounded by warm greetings and heartfelt smiles, exchange of gifts and captured moments, 2019 ended on a wonderful note.

The celebration began with joyous carols sung by the school choir in the assembly. The school was beautifully decorated and everybody was dressed in red, green and white. The students exchanged gifts in their respective classrooms.

The Nasr Interact Club invited 40 children from Adarsh Foundation and 40 elderly people from Little Sisters of the Poor. They were served with breakfast prepared by the students. They also joined the girls in the flash mob.

The play ' Christmas Hangups.' presented by Nasr Dramatic Society was  an interesting play about  Christmas ornaments. Certificates were given away to the actors for their impeccable performance by our Principal. 

Santa Claus entered the party with gifts for the children of Adarsh Foundation and the elderly people from Little Sisters of the Poor. It was followed by carols sung by them.

The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the children. It was a wonderful and memorable Christmas Celebration.



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