The farewell party for the outgoing batches, class X and XII was organised by the students of classes IX and XI. The theme being “Neon Lights”, there was an explosion of fluorescent colours and lights all around the school campus. The students were welcomed and the School Vice Captain Nandini Malhotra delivered a speech of gratitude. The students were then presented with mementos and gifts as they walked the ramp. The students of classes IX and XI put up fabulous dance performances to entertain the audience. The School Captain Thasya Harsha Shetty and Aishwarya Naidu went down the memory lane, were nostalgic but decided not to get emotional. We then had the final round for the nominees vying for the various titles, ‘Miss Crowning Glory’, ‘Miss Couture’, ‘Miss Elegance’, ‘Miss Rising Star’ and ‘Miss Nasr’. They had to walk the ramp and answer to the questions put forth. The judges had a difficult task of choosing Miss Nasr. Miss Asmita Amritraj was crowned ‘Miss Rising Star’ and Miss Nadia Jowkar won the ‘Miss Nasr’ title. Mrs Rebecca and Mrs Deepika inspired the students and gave them their best wishes through a song, ‘Hero’. As the sun went down, the jam session began which was absolutely thrilling as the girls along with the teachers danced to their heart’s content. Delicious food was served under beautiful canopies.
A short video on the outgoing batches made the girls nostalgic and they were seen hugging each other with tears in their eyes. The farewell party was a day filled with joy and a day that created memories for a lifetime. 

“Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened’.



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