The motto of NMUN is ‘Modelling a better future’. The role of NMUN is to mould young minds, thus ensuring a bright future, not only of the students, but of the world they will be a part of. Today the world requires leaders, change makers, people with a passion for solutions to its problems. The discussions on current events done at a Model United Nations makes youngsters understand the problems facing the world at a global scale and also from the local perspective of various countries. It directs them towards solutions while maintaining the dignity of individual nations. It is thus a step towards a better and brighter tomorrow.

The response to the applications for the NMUN was an overwhelming number of 225 students. The student body was divided into various departments working under Under-Secretary Generals overseeing them. Meticulous planning, innumerable meetings, reaching deadlines and brilliant teamwork paid off. The NMUN 2019 was a grand success.


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